St Sampson the Hospitable Mission

Early on in their medical school education, Rick & Bunny McFarland, Guardian Angels Missionaries,  knew they would work in long term medical missions.  Approximately, a year into medical school, they met Rev Dr Jose Humphreys.  Bonding in religion, music, and healthcare, Dr Humphreys quickly became more than a professor into a very close friend.  Dr Humphreys and his wife Renita held the same desire for medical mission service. Representing the poles of conservative and liberal Christianity, the Humphreys and McFarlands found that only through peace, ecumenism, and love for fellow human could a mission truly thrive.  And so, in 2008 they co-founded St Sampson the Hospitable Mission to provide short-term medical relief mission clinics to areas most in need.

We pray that we may show God’s love to the poor of the world by sharing appropriate medical care to all people.

We show compassion and care through the healing arts to all of God’s children without regard to race, gender, social status, religion, or orientation.