Our Catholic Christian Values

The Centrality of the Eucharist

  • Eucharist – The Eucharist is the foundation of all that we value, all that we do, and the focal point of our worship.
  • Role of clergy – Priests and other clergy support the community as facilitators of the worship experience. While each brings a unique self, that self enhances, rather than detracts from, the centrality of the Eucharist.
  • Community – We value the Eucharist as a community event, the sharing of a meal as a family.
  • Sending forth – We are called to go out and live the message of the Eucharist as a community and in our separate, daily lives.

Depth of Meaning and Experience in Worship

  • The Self in Worship – We value worship that involves the whole self: heart, mind, the movement of the body and engagement of the senses.
  • The Community in Worship – The gathering together and active participation of the community in all aspects of worship is foundational to and enriches our worship experience.
  • Art in Worship – We express our faith through the way we participate in Mass and artistically arrange our worship space.  We strive to incorporate music that is reflective of the day and season and to embrace other opportunities to include art in worship.
  • Inclusiveness – We value a range of spiritual expressions and charisms while not losing sight of our catholic heritage.

History and Tradition

  • Sacraments – We honor and embrace the sacraments of the Catholic tradition. We are inclusive in our sharing of these expressions of God’s grace.
  • Liturgy – We draw from the rich history of the liturgy of the Catholic Church while striving to be conscious and informed of the meaning behind the liturgical elements we include in our worship. We create and actively participate in a liturgical experience using both overt and symbolic expressions our faith.
  • Seasons – We follow the seasons of the liturgical calendar, incorporating the reading cycles and the corresponding use of colors and other liturgical symbols.
  • Saints – We value the example of Mary, in particular, the Saints, and other spiritual examples from other faiths and from the world as models of spirituality, humanity, and the grace of God.


  • Community with Humankind – We value those we naturally recognize as our neighbors as well as those from other cultures and faith communities, the marginalized and the exploited.
  • Social Justice – We value both prayer and action, support the development of an informed conscience and critical thinking, and strive to see the world through the eyes of Christ.
  • The Christian Community – We recognize our shared history with the Roman Catholic Church, other Independent Catholic churches and those of other Christian traditions throughout the world.
  • Ecumenical Catholic Communion – We value the development of a shared tradition through mutual support and encouragement.
  • Guardian Angles Parish – We strive for the development of a supportive community in which all are included as family.